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Posted by OakCourt on Jan 24, 2011 in Miscellaneous News, Uncategorized

I am so pleased to announce that I’ve been chosen by Examiner.com, a well-known online news source, as their new national Handmade Soap columnist. I will be writing articles on various topics pertaining to soapmaking, at least twice a week and sometimes more frequently.

To read my column, you can do so by going directly to it at this link – Handmade Soap Examiner. Please feel free to leave comments for me, or you can e-mail me to suggest topics you’d like to see addressed in future columns by e-mailing me at HandcraftedSoapExaminer (at) Gmail.com (take out the spaces and substitute @ for (at)). If you enjoy the column, please subscribe to it by using the link at the top of the page – you’ll receive an e-mail each time a new article is published. Or, for those of you who prefer reading news via RSS feeds, you will see a link to sign up for my column’s feed.

I intend to write on a good mix of topics, some of which will be geared towards hobbyists and potential new soapmakers. Others will be geared towards the business side of soapmaking. Melt and pour, cold process, hot process, and rebatching will be discussed, with the most emphasis on cold process and melt and pour because those are the areas in which I have the most experience and knowledge.

Examiner.com also permits their writers to review products and events, and I can post instructions for projects. If you have tried (or heard about) a neat tool or gadget handy for soapmaking, please contact the supplier or manufacturer and suggest they get in touch with me to arrange for me to review it. Even though I am a supplier, none of us can carry everything in our product lines, so I intend to showcase a wide variety of products from a variety of trustworthy sources.

If you enjoy the column, please share it with your soapmaking friends! You’re welcome to share the link anywhere you find it appropriate (but please don’t spam!)… Twitter, Facebook, forums you’re on, etc. The more people that read the column, the more space they’ll give us for discussion, and I get a bonus based on the number of readers – which I will promptly spend on more craft supplies to experiment with. I love to play with (oops… I mean “test”) neat stuff too! LOL

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