Happy New Year! Exciting new products here and more coming!

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Hi everyone!  Happy New Year!

2011 is already shaping up to be a VERY exciting one for us here at Oak Court Creations.  We have some new items already in the cart for your shopping pleasure , a few more that will be coming in shortly (in the next week or two), and more planned for the 1st Quarter that have already been budgeted for and ordered.

    What’s already here:

1) Restocking of all of the varieties of SFIC Melt-and-Pour Soap Base, and the addition of two more varieties – regular clear and regular white.  This has proven to be a great product line for us, and the word is getting around that we now have ALL of the varieties SFIC offers – there are SEVENTEEN!  One of our goals for 2011 is to bring in at least one or two custom kinds of base – they’ll make anything we want, but we have to buy 1000 lbs., so it’s definitely not something we can order on a whim.  LOL  If you have any ideas as to what kinds of custom soap base you’d be interested in, please e-mail them to us at suggestions(at)oakcourtcreations.com (take out the (at) and replace it with the @ sign).

2) Even MORE new Air Freshener Shapes!  Click on the pictures to go to the shopping cart, where you can zoom in on the images and purchase them.  The first five are available immediately – the fire hydrant will be here in mid-January (see below).

3) In response to requests, we updated the variety pack of air freshener shapes to reflect the new shapes – we now have *** 72 *** of them!  Wow… it seems like just yesterday that we introduced the first six shapes. You can now get one of each of the 72 shapes for one low price, so you can see, feel and touch them to help you decide which ones you want more of.

    What’s coming soon:

1) One more new air freshener shape – the fire hydrant.  It was supposed to be here with the other five shown above, but a minor problem with the die delayed the cutting process, and they should be here mid-January.  These adorable little hydrants will be perfect for both dog-related customers AND firemen!   I can easily see using these for fundraising activities, and the simple shape allows for lots of room to personalize them if desired.

2) Neem Oil – after a number of requests, we’ve found a reliable and reasonably priced source for Neem.  This oil is wonderful when used in soaps and lotions, and many swear by it for relief of skin conditions (although advertising the soap or lotion as being for that purpose isn’t allowed by the FDA).  The only drawback is that it’s rather…. well….. “fragrant” (some would come right out and say it’s stinky!).   But the scent CAN be overcome by using a strong fragrance oil or essential oil blend – we know, as we’ve done it! 🙂


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Lots of new air freshener shapes!

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve added LOTS of new air freshener shapes to the shopping cart. All of these are available for immediate shipment!

We have several more that will be coming soon – they’re in the production stage now. These include the dress, ladybug, fire hydrant, lighthouse, scalloped-edge square, and scalloped-edge circle. We’ll let you know via this blog as soon as they are available.

Here are some image links to the shapes added recently – click for a better look:

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Lots of new air freshener shapes!

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I am so excited…. we got the first batch in of new air freshener shapes!   Now I’ve got to get them all photographed and up on the website.   (That’s the not-so-exciting part.  LOL)  We’ve actually had a couple of these for a few months because they were created in response to special requests, and we had to have more cut before having sufficient stock to put them in the cart.

Here are the new shapes that are not on the site yet – if you want any of these in 10-packs before they’re up on the site, just call us…. if you’re ordering a 100-pack, you can just include them in your list of what shapes you want and how many in the shopping cart.

Baby Bottle
Baseball Cap – and the season just started!
Double Heart
Primitive Heart
Primitive Star
Square (rounded corners like our rectangle – can also be used as a diamond!)
Top Hat (think Uncle Sam, Leprechauns, Pilgrims, Prom, etc.)

We also have dies in house for a bunch more shapes that will be released in batches of three or four every few months.  Budget restrictions prevented us from having them all cut at once, and anyway, where’s the fun in that?!?  I also didn’t think there would be a whole lot of interest in, say, acorns in April.   LOL   Here are some of the ones that are coming for summer and fall:

Candy Corn
Fire Hydrant
Football Helmet
Hat (Ladies’ Red-Hat type!)
Horse’s Head
Scalloped-Edge Circle
Scalloped-Edge Square
Tree #2 (more rounded and Christmas-y than our current tree, which will be renamed Tree #1)

We take your shape suggestions very seriously, and many (if not most!) of the shapes listed above were developed in response to customer requests.  Sometimes it takes a long time to make them a reality – those of you who’ve been waiting for the cat, the dog, and the horse’s head will know what I’m talking about! – but we don’t want to put out an inferior product, and I know you’ll think they were worth the wait!

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