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If you’ve ordered from us recently, you may have noticed on our home page that we have been closed sporadically for short periods of time. We wanted to let you know why, as this will continue to be the case for at least the next few months.

My dad was diagnosed in late January with aggressive prostate cancer, and he had surgery for it in early March. His surgeon, Dr. Mani Menon, is one of the best in the country (if not the world!), and I’m happy to report that the surgery was a complete success – he is now prostate cancer free, thanks to Dr. Menon’s skill and expertise.

However, in the course of the testing done for my dad’s surgery, they discovered that he also has ANOTHER form of cancer – a type of lymphoma, which is a blood cancer. It’s even more aggressive than than the prostate cancer, and he is going to have to have chemo first, then radiation, over the course of the next six months or so. He saw a specialist at the same hospital in Detroit (about 6 hours from us here in IL) that did his prostate surgery – again, one of the best in the country for his particular type of cancer – and we will be going back later this week for them to devise his precise treatment plan, set up all the appointments, etc. If everything goes smoothly, his treatments should start next week, and it looks like we will be commuting to Detroit every few weeks for the near future. The good news is that the oncologist says this particular cancer responds very well to treatment!

We’re going to try to schedule his treatments on Fridays, to minimize the disruption to the business and to our family. However, since he is our shipping person, during the times that he is under the weather from the treatments, I will be taking care of not only my normal duties, but also packing and labeling boxes for shipment. Consequently, orders may take a day or two longer than usual to ship when we are especially busy. I will make sure to update the home page with the current lead times when they run longer than the normal 1-2 business days.

We didn’t want you all to think we were just being flaky or irresponsible, so we thought we would let you know what’s going on and why orders may be slower to process at times than usual. Please take that into account when you plan your orders, and accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. It’s only temporary, and we appreciate your understanding and compassion during this difficult time.


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Sep 12, 2012 at 9:13 AM

Our prayers are with all of you.







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