Perfumer’s Alcohol

Posted by OakCourt on Jan 12, 2012 in Miscellaneous News, New Products

We were saddened recently to hear that fellow supplier Snowdrift Farm has closed their doors. They will be missed! Best wishes to Bill Wallace and to the entire Snowdrift Farms staff in their future endeavors.

For some time, we have been looking for a source for a perfumer’s alcohol/perfume base along the lines of what Snowdrift had been carrying. Upon hearing of their closure, we ramped up our plans to add that to our product line, as we are hearing that many crafters are looking for a new supplier for it.

I’m pleased to say that we have found a reliable source of an excellent quality base, and we will be adding that to our product line in the very near future. We have shipped samples to several artisans who used Snowdrift’s alcohols in their products, and they are currently testing it to see how it compares to theirs. Based on the opinions of several local customers who have tested it, we are going to order it in the next few weeks and begin selling it. One tried it as a replacement for cyclomethicone in her current purse misters, reporting that it worked well even with fragrances that did not want to blend with the cyclomethicone, and the other used it to make perfume using lavender and sweet orange essential oils, and was happy with her results as well. The blend has glycerine and a very small amount (less than 1%) of propylene glycol to help emulsify the fragrance into the alcohol, so it’s 99% natural.

We’re very excited about this new product, and plan to offer other companion products for use in making perfumes, colognes, aftershaves, etc. (for example, purse-sized misters!). At the moment, we are trying to determine how much to order for our initial allotment – we’re not sure how much demand there actually is for this item. So if you would be interested in purchasing some when we get it, please e-mail us (no obligation!) so we can make sure nobody will be disappointed by having to wait while we order more.

So…. what do you think of the name “Perfume Magic­™”? I find it magical that you can simply add fragrance oil or essential oil to it and have a lovely concentrated perfume… or dilute it with distilled water to make colognes, aftershaves, etc. Or should we just stick with the straightforward Perfumer’s Alcohol?




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