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Well, it hasn’t been an easy changeover, as we’d hoped it would be. (sigh) I tried to upload our existing list, which was last sent a newsletter in October, and AWeber rejected it. They said that too many of the e-mail addresses were no longer valid, and the list was “stale”.

As per their suggestion, I split the list into chunks of 50 or so addresses at a time, sorting the list based on the last purchase date and checking domain names to make sure they were still working. Each time I upload a chunk, I have to wait for them to approve it before I can upload another batch. I got back as far as customers from late 2008, then they decided that chunk had too many invalid e-mail addresses and stated that I should let the rest of the list go. I’m still working on sorting and testing addresses for some of you who haven’t actually purchased from us, but signed up for the newsletter.

So, if you have signed up in the past for our newsletter and have not yet received an e-mail asking you to confirm that you want to be added to the new list…. it’s because they won’t let me add you to the new list. Their only suggestion was for me to e-mail each of you directly and send you a link to sign up manually for the new list. I apologize for the inconvenience, but the reason they are so picky is that ISP’s like Yahoo and Hotmail put a black mark on AWeber’s reputation if they try to e-mail newsletters to too many “dead” e-mail addresses. They have a 99.3% delivery success record because they are so ruthless about pruning lists (even ones they haven’t mailed to yet like ours!). LOL

I am going to be sending those individual emails out, but since so many people tell me they didn’t receive the newsletters when we e-mailed them out directly, I’m guessing few people will actually get them. If you’re reading this and want to be on our mailing list – please use the box on the home page (about halfway down on the left, under the product category list) to sign up. All it takes is entering your e-mail address, and clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail that’s sent out automatically when you submit it.

Thanks for your patience – we have lots of exciting news that’s going to go out in the newsletter around the 1st of February! I can’t wait to share it with you!

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