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By far, the most common thing heard from customers I spoke with in 2010 (either by phone or e-mail) was that they don’t seem to be getting our e-mail newsletters.  I’m not totally surprised … my former “second job” relied on mass e-mailing thousands of people, and from tests we did, we quickly realized that some newsletter systems had MUCH better delivery rates than others.  Unfortunately, “in-house” systems like the one Oak Court Creations has been using (handled by our shopping cart system) seem to have the most delivery issues.  It’s a HUGE problem when sending e-mails to certain domain addresses – particularly AOL, Yahoo, Comcast and Hotmail – because they have filters in place that are hard to get through, unless the e-mails come from what they call “trusted senders” (i.e., paid e-mail list services).

So sometime later in January, we’ll be switching our newsletter delivery over to AWeber Communications, one of the leading e-mailing services.

THE BAD NEWS – When we import our old mailing list into AWeber’s system, everyone whose e-mail address is imported will be automatically sent an e-mail invitation that will require them to click a link to confirm that they actually do want to be on our mailing list.  AWeber requires this to prevents anyone from signing you up without your knowledge.  Anyone who doesn’t click the link in the confirmation e-mail won’t be added to the new mailing list.

THE GOOD NEWS – If you haven’t been receiving our newsletters in the past, when you confirm that you want to stay on the list (see above), you should actually start GETTING THEM!  (g) I’ve sent some test mailings to selected e-mail addresses, and they seem to be going through just fine, even to AOL and Yahoo addresses!

When we get everyone moved to the new list, there will also be a brand-new newsletter signup box on the front page of the website. If you want to receive our newsletters, but don’t receive the invitation e-mail for the new list, just re-subscribe by using that box.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but this is the only way to take care of most of the problems with non-delivery of the newsletters.

Our goal for 2011 is to be sending newsletters at least once a month, perhaps twice if things like new products warrant it.  We’ll also be offering subscriber-only coupons and specials occasionally – you won’t want to miss out on those, so if you get the invitation, be sure to click the link to confirm your subscription. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

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