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We are implementing some improvements to our payment processing, and wanted to make you aware of it, so you’re not surprised when you get to the payment section of the checkout page! (vbg)

We’re changing over from running credit cards manually through a terminal in our office, with printed charge receipts, to a payment gateway that will pass the credit card info directly to our bank for processing. This will NOT automatically charge your card – we are setting it up to only hold the funds from your available credit, and we will actually approve charges to be made at the time your order is ready to ship.

Changes you’ll see will include:

1) No more thermal printed charge receipts to attach to orders, or that will fade over time. This saves labor on our end, and allows us to keep our prices low. It also saves paper, making it more environmentally responsible. The invoice in your box will be for your records, but will not mention the credit card payment. Rest assured that if you receive your order, your card has been charged. (g)

2) Credit cards that are declined will not submit a completed order to our cart, so if you accidentally type in the card number incorrectly, it will bounce it back to you and say that the charge could not be approved. It will ask you to check that your billing address and zip code are correct, and that you’ve typed in the three-digit card verification code from the back of your card correctly – it will not approve your transaction if these are not correct. This is a security measure designed to prevent against fraud. Therefore, it’s EXTREMELY important that you check your billing and shipping addresses at checkout, to make sure that they are correct and that your billing address is the one where you receive your credit card statements. If those are not correct, it’s possible that your credit card payment will not be approved.

3) The page asking you to verify that your information is correct, and asking you to submit the transaction for approval, will have our logo at the top. It is NOT, however, hosted on our servers. This is an additional security measure to protect your data even more than we already had been protecting it. (Our website and office network have been scanned by McAfee Secure, and passed with flying colors. We’re just waiting to get our actual PCI Compliance certificate.) It’s absolutely safe to submit your information through our gateway, which is called PayFlow Pro.

4) This new system will also allow us to run pre-sales and fast buys more easily. We can have you place your order, pulling the product from the inventory count of the items that were ordered and holding them for you. We’ll know immediately that your card is good for the amount that will be due, and you’ll know that you will not actually be charged until we ship the merchandise. That allows us to follow our bank’s requirements for processing – that we don’t actually charge you until within a day or two of the shipment date, and still be able to take orders ahead of receiving the product in-house.

5) Please be sure to click “Continue Shopping” when you get the confirmation screen showing that the payment transaction is approved. If you close the window, instead of clicking that button, the payment is sent, but our shopping cart may not be notified that the order has been completed. The order may go into “incomplete” status, and will still be processed, but the processing can be delayed by anywhere from several hours to a day. When we receive confirmation of the payment receipt, we will locate the incomplete order and change its status to “completed”.

Right now, we’re running final tests to make sure everything is working properly before we set it to go “live” to handle customer transactions. We’re anticipating on having it live no later than Friday, October 29th. In the meantime, there will be a form of payment in the list at checkout labeled “TEST – PLEASE DO NOT USE”. Please don’t use it. LOL If you do, it will not actually submit your order to us because it can’t authorize your credit card. Once we go live, that will be replaced by a single option for credit card payment, instead of the individual links for the different card types that we had been using.

There may be some kinks to iron out at the beginning, but we firmly believe that we’re investing our time, frustration getting the setup done, and money in this because it’s a big improvement over our current credit card processing method. We really appreciate your patience with us while we change over to the new system.

If you have any questions or problems using the new credit card payment gateway, please call me at 877-OAK-COURT (toll-free) or e-mail me at info@oakcourtcreations.com. Thanks!



Lots of new air freshener shapes!

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve added LOTS of new air freshener shapes to the shopping cart. All of these are available for immediate shipment!

We have several more that will be coming soon – they’re in the production stage now. These include the dress, ladybug, fire hydrant, lighthouse, scalloped-edge square, and scalloped-edge circle. We’ll let you know via this blog as soon as they are available.

Here are some image links to the shapes added recently – click for a better look:

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