New computer is here!

Posted by OakCourt on Mar 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

FINALLY…. I didn’t think we’d ever get it! Dell has a THREE MONTH backlog on computer orders right now (custom-built ones, anyway), so we ordered one from their outlet store and are adding some upgrades to it as soon as we can spare it for a day, to make it as close as possible to the one we’d wanted to have built.  Definitely do NOT order a Dell if you’re in a hurry for it – or even for spare parts, as some of those are also out of stock for who knows how long.

I went shopping over the weekend and picked up an external DVD burner and camera card reader, since those parts are not in stock.  Honestly, it’s dangerous to let me browse in MicroCenter (my favorite “geek” store in the area)…. I can find all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that I would love to have.   LOL

And would you believe, we’ve already had to call for a service technician to come out – one of the USB ports on the front is not working. (sigh)

But we’re caught up now, so if you are expecting an e-mailed invoice from us for an order placed in the past three weeks, check your e-mail inbox – they were sent out earlier this afternoon.  Halleluejah!

Thanks, everyone, for your patience and encouragement during the three weeks we were without a primary computer and were working from a borrowed laptop. We wouldn’t have made it through without it!




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